Please help me to get information for my bachelor thesis!

“A debate on minimalistic vs. multi microphone drum recordings” is the title of Dennis Bajer’s bachelor thesis.
He is studying media technology (B. Sc.) at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His thesis is about the evolution of drum recordings in studio environments. By analyzing Geoff Emerick’s recording techniques and his role as a pioneer for example, Dennis tries to figure out how professionals recorded back then.
Furthermore he wants to get to know how people in today’s music business approach the recording process.
In order to do so Dennis created a questionnaire that is designed to get answers from engineers, producers, mixers and/or musicians from all over the world. Please share the link below and fill it out so that we all can learn from today’s expertise. It will take you approximately 10 minutes
In addition to the questionnaire I will interview producers and engineers personally. If you can offer a little time or have suggestions, please email me.



Update (02/24/2017):

I’m no longer accepting answers.
I want to thank everyone that has been so kind to take her and his precious time to answer the questionnaire. I collected more than one hundred answers, which is amazing!

I will analyze the data and then publish my thesis at the end of march.


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