I had the pleasure to record a jazzy kind of christmas record in a very nice recording studio near to Hamburg. It’s Wolf Kerscheks private studio and the sound of the room just blew me away. Very happy to have worked there with amazingly talented musicians.  … Read More

Week 3 Tom Gatza is the go-to guy when it comes to keys! Also check out his solo project! Pressing some keys in the studio 🎹🎤🎼🎧🎵🎶 #tomklose #echoes #studio #keyboard #piano #klavier #tomgattza #intransit Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tom Klose (Music) (@tomcklose) am 24. Okt 2017 um 3:19 Uhr One cannot have too many keys… Read More

Every now and then I help the sofar sounds Hamburg crew to record and mix their artists. Now there is a radio show where Lars presents some songs from the past sessions. The show will be aired every fourth thursday of the month from 6pm to 7pm on 91,7 FM. My recordings of Luisa Babarro… Read More

The Breitkopf & Härtel videos for Steffen Wolf’s Wege zum Liedgesang – ein deutscher Vaccai (English: Paths to Classical Singing – A German Vaccai Method) are released. I directed the four music videos. Furthermore I created the sound logo at the beginning and cut three out of the four videos. I want to thank Robin Manirjo and Markus… Read More

Please help me to get information for my bachelor thesis! “A debate on minimalistic vs. multi microphone drum recordings” is the title of Dennis Bajer’s bachelor thesis. He is studying media technology (B. Sc.) at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His thesis is about the evolution of drum recordings in studio environments. By analyzing Geoff Emerick’s recording… Read More

The mix of Sam Bradley’s song I did for the 20th Sofar Session Hamburg is aired today on Soho Radio London. You’ll find the live stream here. Update: Listen to the track at the bottom of this page. Pictures from the great Julia Hauck: Skip to 58:45 to listen to Sam’s song.… Read More

I directed a music video shoot for the music publisher Breitkopf & Härtel (the oldest German music publisher – talking of Mozart, Händels, Shuhmann, Wagner, …and so on).  It’s about Steffen Wolf’s song book “Paths to Classical Singing – A German ‘Vaccai’ Method”. Here is an example of a song that we made a music video for:… Read More