Week 3 Tom Gatza is the go-to guy when it comes to keys! Also check out his solo project! Pressing some keys in the studio ­čÄ╣­čÄĄ­čÄ╝­čÄž­čÄÁ­čÄ #tomklose #echoes #studio #keyboard #piano #klavier #tomgattza #intransit Ein Beitrag geteilt von Tom Klose (Music) (@tomcklose) am 24. Okt 2017 um 3:19 Uhr One cannot have too many keys… Read More

Every now and then I help the sofar sounds Hamburg crew to record and mix their artists. Now there is a radio show where Lars presents some songs from the past sessions. The show will be aired every fourth thursday of the month from 6pm to 7pm on 91,7 FM. My recordings of Luisa Babarro… Read More

I engineered the upcoming album of the emerging Hamburg artist Fr├Ąulein Frey at Elevate Studios. Here is a little video to give you an impression of the recordings.  … Read More

The mix of Sam Bradley’s song I did for the 20th Sofar Session Hamburg is aired today on┬áSoho Radio London. You’ll find the live stream here. Update: Listen to the track at the bottom of this page. Pictures from the great Julia Hauck: Skip to 58:45 to listen to Sam’s song.… Read More

Naked As We Came are: Stefan Zollner (Lead Vocals) Hansjakob Wedemeyer (Vocals, Banjo) Frieder Jespers (Lead Guitar) Felix Hagemann (Drums) Kersten Persson (Bass) Philipp F├Ąrber (Hammond)┬á Supported by: Marie Schulz (Grand Piano) produced, recorded & mixed by Dennis Bajer Assistant Recording Engineer:┬áRobin Gro├čkopff DOP & Edit by┬áRobin Manirjo Recorded at Elevate Studios, Hamburg, Germany on… Read More

Die von mir sehr gesch├Ątzte Turid┬áM├╝ller┬áhat mit mir Demoaufnahmen f├╝r ihren Song “Leben vertauscht” gemacht. Hier mal einige visuelle Eindr├╝cke von der Session. Alle Bilder sind von dem wunderbaren Robin Manirjo.… Read More