some projects I'm working on right now

Scotch & Water

This young hamburg-based quintet (quartet on stage) suprises by breaking out of pop schemes but still the songs get stuck in your head. The first release was published on the 30th of March 2018.
Scotch & Water already played the prestigious Reeperbahn Festival 2018 – without even having a record deal or an album released.

Photo by Björn Weinbrandt

Photo by Ralph Günthner

Tom Klose

Tom Klose is a young singer-songwriter hailing from Hamburg, Germany in the prime of life, out to take on the world of self-made hands-on indie music. The distinctive voice matched with rhythmic rough guitars is what characterizes his sound. His songs move in between intimate folk ballads and powerful rock tunes but pass by the singer-songwriter danger zone between lyrical dismay and loop station excess. The 28-year-old tells autobiographical stories that are painfully honest and serves his heart on a silver plate. Along with the classic band formation (guitar, bass, drums) he takes on stages all over Europe and takes his listeners on an emotional journey from soothing melancholy all the way to exuberant euphoria.

Tom and I teamed up to produce and record his next album.